Time To Reboot Cowboy Stadium…

In my daily travels I’ll run across  big electronic billboards, or small displays in the Metro station where it’s clear that Windows isn’t performing as expected. I ran across this little blip on TUAW this morning and just had to share it.

Turns out during a game this last Saturday at the brand new (and incredibly expensive) Cowboy Stadium that the displays went a little crazy and wound up displaying the following…


You can get a better look at the photo by checking out TUAW’s blog post here –

or by clicking on the picture.

…and you thought Windows error messages only hapenned to you when you really needed to get a document done.


Twitter Security Breach…A Reminder About Keeping Passwords Secure

Yesterday it was announced that a Twitter employees e-mail account was hacked into.

The person who hacked into it was able to get a lot of information about the company, including its long range plans and estimated revenue growth.

This brings up a few things that I always like to remind those I teach…

1. Install  anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer. Make sure that it’s being updated on a daily basis and is running a full system scan at least once a week. Yes, even if you have a MAC…they’re not 100% secure. Spend that $19-$30 a year for the update subscriptions, it’s chump change compared to the time and money you’ll spend getting your  computer made virus free.

2. Your data is not 100% secure on the internet, or even on your computer. If there’s something you would never want the whole world to see, then don’t keep it on your computer.

3. Use unique passwords that include numbers and varying characters.

4. Don’t use the same password for online shopping, as you would for financial accounts such as e-trade, online banking, online credit card account. While I know that the online merchants have a good deal of security they’re not required to be as secure as the online sites for financial institutions. The financial institutions have to implement more security thanks to the many regulations imposed by the federal government. Although that hasn’t kept them from being hit either.

5. If you’re not sure about something that was sent to you, don’t click or open it. Check with the person its supposed to be from to make sure they sent it. Most of the viruses and re-directs to websites that will infect your computer with a virus have language that is often misspelled or just sounds odd. This goes for text messages you get on your phone as well. Remember…your phone is a mini-computer.

You can read articles on the incident:

Here – http://technologizer.com/2009/07/15/with-online-passwords-dishonesty-can-be-the-best-policy/

and here – http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/16/technology/internet/16twitter.html

Let’s be safe out there folks!

More Than One Version Of Windows 7????

Now I think Microsoft made a huge mistake in creating so many versions of Windows Vista. Those who weren’t techies (and even a few of us techies) were incredibly confused as to what was what.

Well, Microsoft is up to the same ol’ same ol’ 6 different versions of Windows 7.

Now granted it does look like they’ve streamlined things just a bit and are putting all the features of one version in the next higher up version. So if you pay for the highest version you get the whole shebang.

But you know what? I miss the days where there was just one version of Windows and it took care of every type of machine.

I can understand creating two so you have a stripped down version for developing countries, but 6 versions?

You can read more about Microsoft’s plans in this article at CNET –