And The Biggest Twit Is…..@APLUSK (A.K.A. Ashton Kutcher)

Ashton Kutcher has done it…he hit 1 million Twitter followers.

Actually as of this posting he’s at 2,070,898. WOW! He not only hit a million, he blew it totally away.

CNN finally hit a million as well, but they’re well behind Ashton now with 1,016,166 followers.

Still way better than my 20 followers.

I think we need a new contest. First non-celebrity to hit a million followers.

For those of you thinking he’s just using Twitter for fame and fortune…he and his wife Demi Moore (@mrskutcher)are also using it to support Malaria No More – They’ve already gotten a number of people both famous and non-famous to make donations. Well done Ashton and Demi!

C’mon real estate pros…jump onto Twitter…it’s free and it’s a great way to keep your clients up to date!

Sign up at – First 20 real estate pros to set-up a new Twitter account, and follow me will get a blog post here featuring their Twitter accounts as real estate pros. This does not apply to pre-existing accounts…this is meant to get those on the fence off of it.

While you’re at it, go and make a donation to .

Give up a couple of lattes for the week to help save someone’s life. I did 🙂


Biggest Twit – Ashton or CNN?

As if Twitter couldn’t get more public recognition or notice…here’s yet more press for it.

Ashton Kutcher has challenged CNN in a race to get 1 million followers. As of this post Ashton was at 950,187 followers,  14,420 behind CNN‘s 964,607.

I’m rockin’ the charts at a total of 20 followers. You can find my profile HERE.

So for those real estate professionals who thought that there was no one on Twitter, or that Twitter was just a fad.

Guess again…perhaps it’s time to start looking at Twitter and figuring out how to use it to market yourself and your services.

Twittering For A Home Sale

Good ol’ Rudy from Trulia passed on the following about a homeowner who is using Twitter to help sell his home in Durham, North Carolina. His story has even been picked up by the local media and CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

He also used Trulia to find an agent to sell his home, and is using it to find a new home in Salt Lake City.

From the article…

“DJ searched Google for real estate agents and saw Trulia for the 1st time. He liked the look of the site, did some searches and set up some alerts. He asked 4 questions on Trulia Voices, our real estate Q&A community and one local realtor, Michael Colvin,  answered 3 of them promptly and professionally – without the hard sell. DJ told me he liked the way the agent presented himself. This was what helped him make his decision when choosing his real estate agent. He emailed him through the agents profile. They set up a face to face meeting and hit it off.

You can find the rest of the story on the Trulia blog HERE

Take away for real estate professionals…

1. Twitter is gaining major ground everyday
2. Homebuyers and Sellers are going to Trulia to look for agents. A basic profile is free – YOU NEED TO HAVE ONE!
3. Be like Mike – Answer questions in Trulia voices – WITHOUT A HARD SALE!

Another Tweet Article….Businesses Increasing Revenue

It’s been a week full of Twitter news.

Check out this great article about some small businesses using Twitter to increase their business, or update customers.

Now I’m just absolutely floored at how much Twitter is being used. Was that the “tipping point”, we just reached?

Twitter is chirping up big user numbers!

Great article on how Twitter is growing twice as fast as Facebook.

You can read it here.

Although I’m having a hard time seeing how you can really compare the two.

Yeah they both have status updates…but that’s about it from what I can see.

Realtors take note….you might want to start paying more attention to Twitter if you haven’t already.

Twittering A Revolution Or Protest

Found this great article on CNN today that addresses how social activism is using social networking and social media to get the message out, and get the masses organized.With the G20 going on in the UK, many are keeping track of what’s going on and mobilizing people via Twitter.

While I certainly don’t support any individuals using ANY MEANS to organize violent protests, I find the use of it to organize peaceful demonstrations really fascinating.

You can check out the article HERE

So Much Social Networking…So Much To Manage

Valorie Stover who I mentioned earlier this week, turned me on to the following site that helps you organize all of your social networking profiles.

It’s called

It’s really easy to get set-up on and works with a multitude of social networking sites.

Hopefully I’ll get some more time to play with it later.

The Impact of Social Networking

As those who have attended my tech sessions will attest I stress a great deal of importance on Realtors using social networking to market themselves.

President Obama used it as one of the core components of his campaign, many believe that it was one of the major factors if not THE ONE that led to his victory.

Many found out about the water landing of U.S. Air Flight# 1549 in the Hudson through Twitter and Facebook some of the first pictures of the scene came from those who posted them through those sites.

Most recently CNN used the Facebook status feature for those watching the inauguration (both online and on TV) to share their thoughts and feelings with others all over the world as history was made.

So Realtors…if you’re not getting into social networking, why not? If not now, when?

Need further proof? Check out this great article over at CNN.

Complex Topics, Simplified In An Entertaining Way

Blogging got you confused? Not sure what a podcast is all about? Don’t understand what social networking is?

Look no further than “The Common Craft Show”.

They feature the most simplistic, and entertaining explanations on everything from social networking, to podcasting, to Twitter, to RSS.

This is some really great stuff…now if only I had come up with it.

To check out their videos you can visit them on YouTube at
or their official web site at

And my favorite one…click play below…