Time To Reboot Cowboy Stadium…

In my daily travels I’ll run across  big electronic billboards, or small displays in the Metro station where it’s clear that Windows isn’t performing as expected. I ran across this little blip on TUAW this morning and just had to share it.

Turns out during a game this last Saturday at the brand new (and incredibly expensive) Cowboy Stadium that the displays went a little crazy and wound up displaying the following…


You can get a better look at the photo by checking out TUAW’s blog post here –

or by clicking on the picture.

…and you thought Windows error messages only hapenned to you when you really needed to get a document done.


So very cool…

I never thought I’d be saying that something Michael Jackson was cool, but this was really cool.

Some folks in Austin set a new world record for doing the largest synchronized Thriller dance – 881 dancers.

Thanks to the beauty of YouTube the whole world can enjoy their pretty awesome feat.

Thank goodness digital cameras didn’t exist back when I was a kid…all evidence of me owning a Michael Jackson Thriller jacket have been permanently done away with…that’s of course assuming the rumors were true…which they aren’t…