Thanks Steve Jobs…For Everything, and For Everything We Haven’t Seen Yet

As I was on a phone call yesterday I noticed the news of Steve Job’s resignation from Apple pop up on Facebook. My immediate reaction was that it was some hoax and that it would eventually be debunked.

The entire world now knows that Steve Jobs has indeed resigned as CEO from Apple and has moved to the Chairman of the Board position. Tim Cook who was an incredible COO and was acting CEO during Steve’s various medical leaves is now the new CEO.

Of course everyone and their uncle are chiming in on what this means for Apple, and wondering how Tim Cook will perform. I could spin all my ideas out there but in the end my belief comes down to a few simple words. IT WILL ALL BE FINE.

Walt Mossberg made the one point in this video on the Wall St. Journal’s site that everyone seems to passing over…STEVE JOBS ISN’T DEAD. So it’s not like Steve won’t be contributing his ideas and thoughts to Apple’s future.

While he’s still with us (THANKFULLY!) I still want to take a moment to take Steve Jobs for everything he’s done at Apple in his role as CEO.

For me Steve Jobs…
1. Gave me a reason to give the MAC a shot and move from being a PC to a MAC GUY. I’m such a MAC guy I say with all honesty…”You can have my MacBook back when you pry it from my cold, dead,lifeless hands”.

2. Came up with two of the most incredible ways to listen to music and movies, saving me from carrying binders of CDs and/or DVDs as well as be more productive.

3. Gave me my own little piece of real life Star Trek tech.4. Created a marketplace that opened a whole new economy, a new obsession for and in a way a new role for me at REBS.

5. Taught me how to give better presentations

Finally and most importantly…

Steve Jobs gave me a reason to get excited again about technology on a daily basis.

So thanks Steve for everything you’ve done and for everything you’ve done that we haven’t gotten to see yet.

I pray that you’ll continue to be with us for some time and that by stepping down as CEO you’ll be able to get healthier, spend more time with your family and be able to continue to be the incredible influence that you’ve been thus far. Here’s to many more years of Steve Jobs magic!


While I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, I have enjoyed Star Trek. My favorites were the original cast movies. Loved the Next Generation cast, but they never quite captured the level of relationships from the original series.

There was a lot of speculation of what J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindeloff had envisioned and what Roberto Orci and Kurtzman had written.

Would they slaughter Trek? Would they breathe new life into it? What would happen?

I’m not going to go into nitty gritty details, but I will tell you.


Directing – WOW…I mean really…WOW. Lucas, let Abrams re-do the Star Wars saga.

Writing – Orci and Kurtzman have not only re-booted the series, they’ve opened up so many doors for so much re-imagination. My mind is just going crazy thinking of all the cool Trek stories they can re-tell and if you see the movie you’ll find out how the re-tellings can be really incredible

Cast – Someone give that casting agent a cut of the back-end. Every single cast member wa spot on and performed well individually as well as an ensemble…forget nominations and award ceremony…just give the cast the SAG award for best ensemble

Music – The instant I got home I bought and burned the soundtrack. Just when I thought Michael Giacchino couldn’t out do himself, he out does himself and blows away ever other composer out there. The emotion that this guy envokes with music is incredible. Be prepared for some tears in the opening sequence…even some man tears.

Visual Effects – The best I’ve seen – HANDS DOWN – The way they handeled particles, and debris and the detail that’s in the starships and displays.  There’s one shot of the Enterprise towards the end that combined with the music, it’s just awe inspiring.

Alright, it’s late and I’m sure I’m saying many of the things the others are saying.

Go out and see this movie, even if you’re not a Trek or sci-fi fan. Chances are by the time you’re done seeing this you will be.

Chris, out.