The White House Is Tweeting…Are You?

I gotta say that I’m incredibly impressed by how much our government has embraced social media and networking. They’re getting information out to people in a manner in which they really like to get it.

Found this great article on how the White House is now using Twitter to communicated updates. It also talks about how the different technologies are being implemented across the board.

So for all my REALTORĀ® readers out there that have as yet to fully embrace the goodness that is social media and social networking…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??????

Please don’t tell me that you’re going to let the federal government out do you….

Time to start socializing on Facebook, Tweeting important updates on the market and posting home tour videos on YouTube.

It’s all free too! All you need to do is invest some time and be open to getting into something new…trust me it’ll be worth it.


Good News On The Economy…Pass It On!

As I quickly scarfed down some oatmeal, needing to get back to work on my Facebook class I saw the following story jumping off the front page of the L.A. Times


It felt so good to see a headline like this and to read items like..

“Wells Fargo & Co. surprised analysts by saying it expected to report a record first-quarter profit despite setting aside $4.6 billion for potential loan losses.”

“a report from the Commerce Department said the U.S. trade deficit declined unexpectedly in February as exports rose.”

“But while unemployment may continue rising, President Obama’s top economic advisor, Lawrence H. Summers, said there was no longer “that sense of a free fall” in the economy.”

To read the rest of the article, click on the quotes above.

Are we out of the woods with the mess we’re in?

Not yet. We need to keep working to make a headline like this appear more often.

I do think that when we start seeing the light through the trees we need to embrace it and pass it on.

So pass on the good news and let’s keep working to bring our country back!

The Impact of Social Networking

As those who have attended my tech sessions will attest I stress a great deal of importance on Realtors using social networking to market themselves.

President Obama used it as one of the core components of his campaign, many believe that it was one of the major factors if not THE ONE that led to his victory.

Many found out about the water landing of U.S. Air Flight# 1549 in the Hudson through Twitter and Facebook some of the first pictures of the scene came from those who posted them through those sites.

Most recently CNN used the Facebook status feature for those watching the inauguration (both online and on TV) to share their thoughts and feelings with others all over the world as history was made.

So Realtors…if you’re not getting into social networking, why not? If not now, when?

Need further proof? Check out this great article over at CNN.

The “BarackBerry”

It was well known that President Obama was like many all over the world….addicted to his Blackberry.

There have been a great number of photos showing him either talking on or typing away into his Blackberry.

As he came closer to being sworn in, many wondered if he’d be allowed to keep it. After all you don’t want the President’s communications to be monitored or potentially hacked, no matter how inane the e-mail or phone conversation may be.

Well security officials won’t have to “pry it out of his hands”, instead he’s getting a secure smartphone that’s been approved by the National Security Agency and cost $3,500.00.

Made by General Dynamics, the Sectera Edge is a secure and rugged piece of technology. You can check it out HERE

It’s not the sexiest tech gadget, but I gotta admit it’s going to be really cool to see the President typing away on a smart phone, just like the rest of us regular folk.

You can read more about it here at CNN.