Happy 15th Birthday Son!


Today is my little boy’s 15th birthday!

While I’ve wished him Happy Birthday on the phone and on Facebook and we celebrated this last weekend, I had to blog about it too.

C’mon…what kind of tech Dad would I be if I didn’t blog about it?

While growing up I certainly had my dreams about being a Navy pilot or Astronaut, I also had a dream that not many young boys have. I wanted to be a Dad. Even moreso I wanted to have a son.

That dream was realized 15 years ago when Josh came into the world and was placed into my arms. I can still vividly remember every part of that day, from the way the weather was to the sounds and feelings I went through. It was and will always be one of the greatest moments of my life.

Over those 15 years we’ve had good times and we’ve had bad times. He and I have both grown in so many wonderfully different ways and we continue to grow every day. While like most teenagers he can be frustrating, the majority of the time he makes me incredibly happy and proud. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s loving, he’s caring and he has an incredible spirit that I like to think is a result of the best parts of me.

I am proud and honored to be Joshua Tellez’ dad and happy to again celebrate a dream come true.

Happy Birthday (Son/Bugaboo/Buddy/Kid)! I love you and thank you for being my son. Love, Dad.


Happy New Year!!!

So I hoped to do some blog posting over my holiday vacation but I actually managed to stay off a computer the majority of my time off, and spent time with family and friends. I especially got to spend some great quality time with my son Josh.

We hung out, we did shopping, we played video games and even made cookies for Santa. I’m bragging here, but I gotta say I’ve got a great kid. Smart, friendly, loving, caring, fun and just all around awesome.

While Christmas is my all time favorite holiday, I do love starting a new year. It’s a time to look back at where you’ve been and a time to get excited about and plan ahead for the future.

For me 2008 was a year that I faced a lot of challenges.
Emotionally, Physically, Professionally, I dealt with them all.

In the end I was able to come out on the other side and say “I did it!”. Of course I did it with a great deal of help from God, family, friends, co-workers and all those in between who either brightened my day with a smile, or gave me the positive feedback or push I needed to press on.

In thinking about everything in 2008 the following from “Grey’s Anatomy” really hit home for me.

We enter the world alone and we leave it alone and everything that happens in between we owe it to ourselves to find a little company.

We need help.

We need support.

Otherwise we’re in it by ourselves.


Cut off from each other, and we forget…

Just how connected we all are

So instead,



And for a moment…

We feel just a little bit less alone.

I of course choose love, and I choose life. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many people that make my life anything but lonely.

So now it’s time to look forward to a brand new year. A new year that’s filled with promise & hope.
To help kick off this new year I thought I’d share this great video filled with inspirational speeches from various movies.

May it inspire you, like it inspires me, and may your 2009 be a great one!