Volkswagen:The Force – This Is So Me As A Little Kid…

When I was a kid our Star Wars costumes were these cheap plastic things that ripped so easily if you bent the wrong way. Had they had a costume like they have now, this would have been so me about 30 years ago.

Of course costume or not doesn’t stop me from trying to pull Jedi mind tricks on people.

:::WAVING HAND::: You will visit my blog again, and again, and again…

While I Was Out…iPhone Update & New Shuffle

While I was in the Dominican Republic for a week (which still wasn’t enough) Apple came out with some new stuff.

An iPhone software update and a brand new iPod shuffle.

The iPhone software update finally delivers copy/cut and paste functionality, MMS, a new voice memo app and 97 other new features. The software update comes out this summer. It’s free for existing iPhone users, and iTouch owners can upgrade for $10.00.

There are rumors that a new iPhone will be released this June. It would make sense given the software update.

The brand new iPod shuffle…well it’s small. Some of what they’ve done sounds really cool, but I don’t like the fact that they’ve basically limited control of the device to using the headphones that come with it. While I love the Apple earbuds, I know a number of people that don’t.  So essentially if you use it with any other headphones all you can do is just listen. I will be really curious to see how this plays out for Apple.

Now if only the iPhone would come to TMobile…
Yes, I know you can unlock it for TMobile, but I’d rather have an officially supported one with the TMobile data plan price. 🙂