Happy Birthday Dad…I Miss You!

Normally on my Dad’s birthday I’d give him a call, say happy birthday and see what he was up to for the day.

This is the first year I won’t be able to do that because a little over two weeks ago I had to say good-bye to him when he passed away.

Today would have been his 67th birthday.

I’m sure wherever he is, he’s celebrating and doing so in grand style, playing golf courses so brilliant it puts all of those on earth to shame.

As a way of celebrating his life I thought I’d share a few memories that I included in his eulogy as well as some photos.

Tonight I shall celebrate with a meal he’d enjoy (Prime Rib, Asparagus and White Rice – for dessert a slice of cherry pie with vanilla ice cream) and watch the movie that wound up setting the stage for a major portion of who I am…Star Wars – Episode IV – A New Hope. He and I saw a lot of movies together, but it’s that one that always meant the most.

So with that I’ll say “Happy Birthday Dad! I miss you, we all miss you so much and hope you’re getting to spend some good time with your old pet dinosaur. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

I love you Dad, wherever you are up there…

I remember his old red 2-door Toyota Corolla and the specialness of sitting up front with him. Anytime I drove with him, even into my teens he’d throw his arm across my chest whenever he had to stop suddenly.

I remember gaining my love of aviation when my Dad would take me to Flying Tigers. I’d get to see all the big planes and the inside of the flight simulators. Most of all I remember everyone calling my Dad chief.

I remember him taking me to the movies and introducing me to what would become a passion of mine later on…STAR WARS. Thanks to my Dad I can say that I was one of the few who actually saw it in the movie theaters.

According to my father he would buy a TV Guide and it would disappear. He’d buy another one and it would disappear. So TV Guides were mysteriously disappearing and he had no idea where they went. It was only later when they were checking out the piano did they find out that I had been taking the TV Guides and stashing them inside the piano.

Or there’s the times I apparently had an affinity for cat food and he and my mom would have to keep me out of it.

He and my step-mom Cathy drove all the way from Arizona to LA to come see me in a play I was in. He was there with a big smile and a loving hug.

I am going to miss his e-mails

I am going to miss his phone calls and hearing his voice

I am going to miss his text messages.

I am going to miss his comments on Facebook.

I am going to miss his big hugs.

I am going to miss talking with him about movies.

I am going to miss watching Star Wars with him

Dad, wherever you are…I love you, I will miss you and am so lucky to have had you for my father. Don’t be a stranger okay?

You Are Now Free To Browse The Internet…

About 5 years ago I went to my first Networld Interop in Las Vegas. At the time Boeing was showing off a service they were going to be coming out with called Connexion. Connexion promised faster than DSL speed wireless connections on airplanes.

They were the only ones really trying to get internet connectivity on planes and I thought it rocked.

Years and years passed by and nothing ever came of it. I learned today that they shut it down back in 2006.

Fast forward to present day where a company called Row 44 has accomplished what Boeing never did…wireless internet on an aircraft.

According to this article Row 44 has installed and is now operating wireless systems on Southwest and Alaska Airlines aircraft flying out of John Wayne Airport.

While the service is currently free during the trial they’ll only be charging around $6 to $9 bucks once the trial is over.

$6 to $9 bucks to get wireless? That’s a bargain, especially considering how much work it will allow you to get done.

Row 44’s service also allows you to use the VOIP feature on your mobile phone to make phone calls or send text messages.

How cool is that?

If you’re flying out of John Wayne on either airline look for Southwest planes #906 and #907 or Alaska Airlines planes #644 and #623.
That’s the plane number, not the flight number.

I am so jazzed about this and can’t wait to see this take-off more (pun intended).

What I can’t wait to do is conduct a live webinar from 33,000 feet above the earth.

To read the entire article click HERE and to check out the company click HERE.