The Internet – Turning Our Children Into Zombies One Facebook Page At A Time

Yet another professional is telling us that we’re all going to turn into mindless, non-social zombies (especially our kids) because of too much Internet use and video games.

See Realtors….if it’s become so bad that a professional is saying we’re using the Internet too much then you know where all your clients are….yup…the Internet.

Be sure to pay attention to the segment on Hilton Perez, a blogger who’s getting more hits on his site than the New York Times…told ya blogging was big!

Check out the video HERE


More Than One Version Of Windows 7????

Now I think Microsoft made a huge mistake in creating so many versions of Windows Vista. Those who weren’t techies (and even a few of us techies) were incredibly confused as to what was what.

Well, Microsoft is up to the same ol’ same ol’ 6 different versions of Windows 7.

Now granted it does look like they’ve streamlined things just a bit and are putting all the features of one version in the next higher up version. So if you pay for the highest version you get the whole shebang.

But you know what? I miss the days where there was just one version of Windows and it took care of every type of machine.

I can understand creating two so you have a stripped down version for developing countries, but 6 versions?

You can read more about Microsoft’s plans in this article at CNET –