Video Portfolio

My passion for movies and making them rivals that of my love for computers, technology, marketing and teaching.

The following is a collection of YouTube playlists to give you a taste of some of the items I’ve created.

You can check them out individually on my YouTube Channel!

I’ve had the pleasure of creating some original work to help promote the roll-out of something new at work, and the creativity to edit pieces created by those I look up to in the film industry to give them a new spin. The following is a collection of personal projects.

Harcourts Technology Products
To help educate the agents/brokers on how to use or promote the use of Harcourts Technology Products I created the following videos. While the tech education parts aren’t insanely exciting, collecting and editing all the pieces together showcases the skills I have.

Harcourts CEO/Regional Director Updates
I was responsible for directing, shooting and editing together regular video updates from our CEO and Regional Director. As we progressed and theĀ Regional Director got a little more adventurous I livened them up a little more.