More Geek Posts…Now at the New Official C.A.R. Blog Site

Love my blog posts? Love the information I share? Looking for more?

Look no further than the official blog site of the California Association of REALTORSĀ®!

No, it won’t be duplications of the blog posts here. It’ll be fresh, new content.
It will be content that’s “EXCLUSIVE” to the C.A.R. Blog!

It won’t be as often as here, but when one is posted it’ll be worth it.

The cool thing is, there’s lots of other great content that’s getting posted to the C.A.R. blog from my various colleagues.

You’ve got the master of words, Josh Sharfman who is bringing all kinds of great tech stuff.

Then you’ve got the queen of numbers, Sara Sutachan keeping you up to date with the latest market data.

Of course there’s going to also be posts from our C.A.R. social media organizer/maven/princess, the always charming Lindsey Moss.

In addition to these three fine folks, there’s also great posts from our communications, legal and legislative departments.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and check it out, and check out my first post on speeding up your iPad and iPhone!


Another Oscar Ceremony Goes Into The History Books…

Another Oscar Sunday has come and gone and now comes the post-Oscar analysis.

I managed to correctly pick 17 of the 24 awards. Amazingly two of my wild guesses for Animated Short (Lost Things) and Short Film (God of Love) were right. Not bad but still under my highest of 20 of 24.

A few thoughts on last night’s show…

* While I liked the show and was impressed by how tight they kept it, it was altogether just ho-hum. Loved the stage and and the arches of video though. Very cool!

* James Franco, great actor but horrible award show host.

* Anne Hathaway, great energy which frequently got sucked away by James.

* Kirk Douglas, you’re still the man!

* Best Picture montageĀ  – Could watch that a few times.

* Best speeches – Melissa Leo, Tom Hooper, David Seidler, Natalie Portman and Colin Firth

* The closing with the kids from PS 22 was heart warming to begin with, it went to absolutely unbelievable when the winners from the night came out on the stage behind the kids. 24 statues that prove that dreams do come true.

Seriously? More Than Meets The Eye…

Get your full nerd/geek on in the theater with these Transformer 3-D glasses that you can use while you watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon this July.

Read more about these here at

While I am generally mocking them, there’s a good chance my 14 year old will be sitting next to me wearing one of these when we go to see the movie. Only way you’re getting these on me is for a large chunk of money.

My Blackberry Is Not Working!

Love those Brits!

Many thanks to Betty Thomas for passing this one on to me!

Volkswagen:The Force – This Is So Me As A Little Kid…

When I was a kid our Star Wars costumes were these cheap plastic things that ripped so easily if you bent the wrong way. Had they had a costume like they have now, this would have been so me about 30 years ago.

Of course costume or not doesn’t stop me from trying to pull Jedi mind tricks on people.

:::WAVING HAND::: You will visit my blog again, and again, and again…


Every once-in-awhile I run across something that elicits the immediate response “SERIOUSLY?”.

So with that in mind I’ve decided to start a new post type quite simply titled “Seriously?”

These posts will feature all of the things I come across either on the web or during my day.

For the first post in this series I proudly present “The Brown Bear USB Hand Warmer


iSesameStreet and the iPogo

You know when something has permeated deep into the culture when Sesame Street features segments like this…

REALTORSĀ® take note. The kids watching today are the home owners of the future.

For All The Parents Out There…

I found this through and couldn’t resist sharing it.

Don’t you hate it when this happens?

World Cup Fever Meets The Star Wars Universe

Snoop Dog and a lightsaber…

Do you really need any more of a reason to watch this?

C’mon…step up!

Kung Fu Bear

I’m still working on my post about my wonderful trip to ILM & Lucasfilm amongst moving and prepping for the upcoming C.A.R. meetings.

To hold you over I thought I’d share the following video I found in my travels on the interwebs.

Don’t believe it’s real? Check out the news report from ITN right HERE.

Pretty cool ehh?