Journey To ILM

My first memory of Star Wars was going with my Dad to see the original during it’s initial release. Just me, my Dad and a movie he had heard would be pretty good. Little did the both of us know how good it would be.

It seems like it was just yesterday that I saw Darth Vader for the first time as he entered the Tantive IV and his ominous breathing filled the movie theater. As a 5 year old, his presence was overwhelming and a tad on the scary side.

Flash forward many, many, many years later and Star Wars has become a huge part of my life. From seeing the films more times than I can count, to plunking down gobs of cash for collectibles, to the subtle and not so subtle inferences I make to Star Wars in my teaching sessions. Let’s not forget about the vanity license plate that took 40 minutes to nail down with a helpful AAA customer service person – 4VRJEDI.

To say that I was dying to go to Lucasfilm & ILM was an understatement. Not just because of all of the Star Wars work they did and continue to do, but all the incredible effects they’ve done on movies that shaped my childhood and continue to entertain me to this day. They’re the ones who broke the ground on special effects and made it possible for worlds to be created that may have never been created with traditional models. For me, these talented people are like what Babe Ruth is to baseball fans, or Magic Johnson is to basketball fans.

I had hoped one day I would run into someone who actually could get me in, or would know someone that could and in turn help fulfill a childhood dream of mine. Earlier this year after a presentation to a group of agents & brokers, that’s exactly what happened.

Now the day has come, and I am going to journey to the city by the bay. I’ll finally get to see the incredible facility that is Lucasfilm and ILM.

I’ll be traveling lightly, taking only my iPhone and the following

My iPad, Canon PowerShot SD790, Verizon MiFi card and an iPad camera connection kit.

Of course I’m taking along their appropriate charging devices as well, but my backpack will still be pretty light. The lightest I’ve traveled in some time.

You may ask, Chris why are you taking a Verizon MiFi card? You have the iPad 3G.
Simple, the MiFi is cheaper and allows me to use it with all my tech gear. I got the 3G as a back-up in case I can’t get a MiFi signal, or if the MiFi runs out of power and I can’t charge it.

Hopefully all of gear will allow me to journal this entire trip, let you get a taste for what it’s like for a geek’s dream to get fulfilled, and find out how the iPad performs on the go.

So all that being said…

Chewie, fire up the power converters, it’s light-speed to the Presidio!


Marketing Done Right!

As I was headed from the Metrolink to the Red Line at Union Station I was handed this….

After first thinking….”Cool, something for free…free rocks!” I then started realizing how brilliant a marketing strategy this was.

They were passing them out in an area where they’re going to get to THOUSANDS of their target customer group – business people and commuters who want a quick and simple lunch that’s easy to carry.

Imagine the impact it had on the people who had forgotten to bring a lunch, or didn’t have time to pack a lunch because they had to rush out the door. If it was me I’d be more likely to actually go and buy the product later because they helped me keep from having to shell out $10-$15 for lunch.

As I got to the red line people were looking at the boxes – checking it out – THEY WERE LOOKING AT THE PRODUCT – that’s huge!

So how are you marketing yourself?

Are you where the clients are looking?

Are you providing something of use?

Are you helping them out?

Granted REALTORS® may not have a physical product to hand out, but they do have their knowledge to give away. They have their experience and wisdom to share. They have market data to share.

In a housing market like this, information & data is KEY!

So when you’re thinking about marketing your services think about how you can not only make sure you’re in front of potential clients but how you can make their lives easier and a little happier.

For those of you wondering how the sandwich tastes? Not sure yet. I may not have it today for lunch, but I will have it and I’ll let you know what I think.

In the meantime…get working on that marketing…get in front of those clients!