Grocery Store – The Musical!

I would so love to walk into a grocery store where this happens…

The Power Of YouTube & Music

YouTube in conjunction with a number of companies started a contest to find musicians from all over the globe to put on a concert.

Auditions were held via videos submitted and posted on YouTube. Each musician had to perform a piece composed just for this contest by Chinese composer Tan Dun.

All videos were reviewed by some of the world’s renowned orchestras.

The prize?

An invitation to perform in New York City at the famous Carnegie Hall under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas.

Of the 3,000 that submitted videos, only 96 were chosen and got to perform at the concert held on April 15th.

So here, virtual unknowns were plucked from the masses all over the globe thanks to the wonderful video upload tool that is YouTube.

My question now to real estate professionals…why don’t you have video home tours posted on YouTube? There’s an incredible amount of exposure out there and so many people using the services it’s almost mind boggling. Better yet – IT’S FREE!!!!!

If you YouTube can be used to gather musicians from all over the world, it can certainly help showcase your homes and your services.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start uploading videos!

You can get more information on the symphony as well as check out video of the performance on YouTube at:

So very cool…

I never thought I’d be saying that something Michael Jackson was cool, but this was really cool.

Some folks in Austin set a new world record for doing the largest synchronized Thriller dance – 881 dancers.

Thanks to the beauty of YouTube the whole world can enjoy their pretty awesome feat.

Thank goodness digital cameras didn’t exist back when I was a kid…all evidence of me owning a Michael Jackson Thriller jacket have been permanently done away with…that’s of course assuming the rumors were true…which they aren’t…