An Open Letter To George Lucas

Dear Mr. Lucas,

Last night the web was afire with news that two audio changes and one special effects change had been made to your original Star Wars Trilogy.

As you’ve already come to know, those of us that hold Star Wars near and dear haven’t been crazy about the past changes. You also know how much we wanted the trilogy to appear on Blu-Ray in their originally released versions. So to find out that you had chosen to further alter the movies that shaped our childhood was a kick in the gut to the majority of fans that have made Star Wars what it is today.

I do want you to know Mr. Lucas that as someone who has personally enjoyed writing, and shooting and editing videos as one of my favorite creative outlets I totally get the whole idea of having a vision. I fully appreciate wanting to go back to correct things you wished you could have done differently if you had the technology or time to do it. These movies have been like your children and you wanted nothing but the best for them. Completely understand, and respect it.

To date though nothing I have done has had the impact on culture, society and lives that the Original Star Wars Trilogy has had.

Your movies have inspired the countless dreams of many who believed that anyone could do anything if they seized upon “THE FORCE” within themselves. So many of those folks are working for you today helping inspire the dreams of others.

Your movies have brought out the good in others and created charities that might not be in existence had it not been for your movies. Thanks to Star Wars we’ve got the 501st who has taken part in countless charity events across the globe raising much needed funds and bringing smiles to children in hospitals. Together they and the R2 builders club created R2-KT to help fulfill the wish of a young Star Wars fan. Even after Katie’s passing, R2-KT has gone on to help raise the spirits of sick children and raised money for charity.

Finally your movies have had special meanings in the relationships between parents and children. They’ve been proudly shared by your original fans with the children they have today.

On a personal level the original Star Wars trilogy has had a significant impact on my life in ways that most would have never thought.

Star Wars was one of the first movies my father took me to and is one of my most precious movie going experiences that I hold near and dear to my heart. After my parents divorced and I didn’t see my Dad as much, seeing that movie together and sharing the love of the film brought out the happiness in an otherwise really unpleasant time in my life.

I saw my father less and less and eventually felt like my father could care less about me. When I saw “Return of the Jedi” the scene where Vader saves Luke and destroys the Emperor had a special symbolism for me. I viewed the Emperor and his shocking bolts as the pain and torture of everyday life, from the people who picked on me at school to not having my Dad with me everyday. I always wished that my Dad would come in one day and save me like Vader saved Luke.

While my relationship eventually broke down to the point where I didn’t see or talk to my Dad for 6+ years, Star Wars was always a happy memory. In 2007, I eventually wound up talking to and seeing my father again. While he couldn’t make the pain of the past not happen he apologized for not being there and promised to be a better father. For me, he finally saved me like I hoped he would.

Last year, my father passed away. Before he passed I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with him. He was unconscious but I knew he could hear me. So I sat there with him and watched the original Star Wars one last time. A few weeks later I celebrated his birthday as I sat with his little jar of ashes and watched the original Star Wars once more.

Since the day my son was born I have shared my love of Star Wars with him and it’s become one of his favorite things. He most recently and very patiently waited multiple times over one hour to ride the latest version of Star Tours. I showed him the R2-KT painted on one of the Starspeeders and explained how so many wonderful people came together to help make a little girl so incredibly happy.

Mr. Lucas, I can’t think of a single other set of films that have had the impact that your original three films have had. It was the originals though, not the ones jazzed up with additional special effects. Your films are classics and snapshots of days when people painstakingly created detailed models and paintings to help bring these films to life. Your fans LOVE the originals in all of their glory. We don’t need CGI additional audio, or modified audio to make them better, they were PERFECT just the way they were.

I would like to honorably and respectfully ask that you let the original trilogy be the original trilogy. Restore them to their full brilliance, let us see every detail in HI-DEF, let us hear every note with absolute clarity. Let us remember our childhood, relieve our memories and cherish the moments we originally had. Bring back the Trilogy that inspired and continues to inspire millions of your fans all over the world.

Thank you for your time,

Chris Tellez
Star Wars Fan Since 1977


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