Google Chrome – The Next Best OS?

Late Tuesday Google announced that they’re working on an open-sourced OS based on the Google Chrome browser that they’ve released for Windows.

While I’m surprised that they announced it late Tuesday (you would think they’d announce it early in the morning in time for the morning news shows) I’m not surprised that they’re working on this.

Since Google has been in existence we’ve seen them create a lot of really great programs which have all been FREE. Google Earth, G-Mail, Google Apps, etc. They’ve also constantly worked to improve and add little enhancements here and there to the programs over the years.

Google Chrome OS is supposed to be a lightweight, open-source operating system that is supposed to just make things work, and work fast. Google Chrome apps will be based on web technologies, so if a software developer writes it for Chrome, it will also work on Windows, MAC, and Linux machines.

Perhaps the best part of the announcement was this…

“We hear a lot from our users and their message is clear — computers need to get better. People want to get to their email instantly, without wasting time waiting for their computers to boot and browsers to start up. They want their computers to always run as fast as when they first bought them. They want their data to be accessible to them wherever they are and not have to worry about losing their computer or forgetting to back up files. Even more importantly, they don’t want to spend hours configuring their computers to work with every new piece of hardware, or have to worry about constant software updates. And any time our users have a better computing experience, Google benefits as well by having happier users who are more likely to spend time on the Internet.”

Wow. A company listening to technology customers, even better they’re putting their money where their mouth is.

Granted Apple has been doing a pretty good job about listening to its customers…just look at the new iPhone 3Gs.

I am looking forward to this new OS and how it will impact technology and how we’re all connected.

To read the full announcement click HERE. You can also read the currently very brief Google Chrome OS FAQ HERE.

…and in related news both G-Mail and Google Apps have FINALLY broken free of their “BETA” status. It only took a couple of years right? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Google Chrome – The Next Best OS?

  1. It’s all well and good. But latest news says, ATT plans to add more servers due to increase in internet access. They also want us to pay for it. This means increased costs from ISP’s. Addtionally, the Feds want to tax internet access.

    With Google Chrome, if the OS becomes Internet Driven, I’m afraid it may end up costing us more than a Desktop OS.

  2. Everytime there’s reports of more internet based apps, or more internet usage the rumor pops up that the ISPs are going to up the fees. The Feds taxing internet access is the other one that comes up. Time has shown that neither ever comes to be. With the current administration who’s incredibly focused on using the internet to communicate I’d be shocked if that “Internet Tax” ever comes to be.

    The one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s hard to increase prices on something that’s been around for awhile…aside from gas and other commodities.

    Costs for internet bandwidth and access have consistently dropped time and time again. In my early days as a sys admin I remember paying $3,000.00/month for a T-1 with the same speed as you can now get at home via DSL.

    Those T-1s have gotten faster and now dropped to around $500 or less a month. The speed I paid $3K a month for I can now get for $40.00/month.

    Based on that history, I would be really, really, really surprised if they upped prices.

    Only time will tell.

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