Twitter Makes The Cover Of Time Magazine

As if Twitter wasn’t big enough already, now they’ve made the cover of Time Magazine.

In an article titled “How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live”, Steven Johnson of Time Magazine talks about how Twitter is impacting all the facets of life for us.

It’s a great read and excellent for those REALTORS® who are still on the fence about Twitter.

While you’re there be sure to read the article about how a church is allowing and encouraging its parishoners to Tweet while in service.


2 thoughts on “Twitter Makes The Cover Of Time Magazine

  1. Interesting post – but why would churches be encouraging parishioners to tweet while the service is in full swing?

    Doesn’t that defeat the whole idea of attending church – to be away from worldly stuff?

    1. I think it’s an interesting way to have conversations about what’s being presented without the interruption that actual voice conversations would be. I’m all for any company, organization, or business trying new ways of engaging attendees.

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