New “My C.A.R.” iPhone/iTouch App

Here’s a demo of the new “My C.A.R.” iPhone/iTouch app just announced at the C.A.R. meetings in Sacramento.

Right now it’s only available to those who are at the meetings but will be available through the Apple App Store later this month.

The video was put together by yours truly with help from Alan Arora and Ben Karp.

The voices are courtesy of C.A.R. staff members Rick Laezman and Stacey Katzin.


10 thoughts on “New “My C.A.R.” iPhone/iTouch App

    1. We are currently working on addressing review copies of the new app.

      We want to make sure we stay within full compliance of Apple’s rules when it comes to releasing apps before they’re formally released at the app store.

      Those that are interested in a review copy can comment on this post and I will track and stay in touch with those interested.

    1. This version 1.0 will be available initially only to C.A.R. members. However the App has been structured to be able to be licensed by other interested Realtor Associations and easily adapted using their own localized data.

    1. The app is currently with Apple. We’re anxiously awaiting their approval. Once we get it you’ll see a lot of announcements coming out from us….especially on this blog.

      1. got a tweet that it’s available today but can’t seem to find it. was that just a rumor?

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