And the “In Search Of Excellence Award” goes to….


As if I didn’t have reason enough to be proud of my son, I’ve got even more reason to this morning.

Last night he received the “In Search Of Excellence Award” at his school last night. He was nominated by his teacher and even better it all came as a big surprise last night.

Josh has been to many award ceremonies at school and seen other kids at his school get recognition, but this is his first time actually getting one himself.

The look on his face as they announced his name was absolutely priceless and one I won’t ever forget.

The whole time he was on stage as they called the other students he was bouncing and smiling and sporting a thumbs up.

He was over the moon, and I was as well…perhaps even more….

What’s even more incredible is that despite his autism he’s been able to accomplish this and so much more and that makes this award even more special.

These are those “parent” moments that you live for and I’m looking forward to many more to come.

Congrats kiddo! I’m so proud of you!

Just after receiving his award…notice the huge smile

Josh and all the 6th grade recipients. Look how tall he is, as well as some of the other 6th graders…these are just 6th graders..

Proudly showing off his certificate as his Grandma and Grandpa Beverly look on

“Works very hard in class. Improving social skills & working cooperatively as a team member”

Josh and his Grandma Judy (my mom) and Grandpa Wayne

A very proud father and son


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