You Are Now Free To Browse The Internet…

About 5 years ago I went to my first Networld Interop in Las Vegas. At the time Boeing was showing off a service they were going to be coming out with called Connexion. Connexion promised faster than DSL speed wireless connections on airplanes.

They were the only ones really trying to get internet connectivity on planes and I thought it rocked.

Years and years passed by and nothing ever came of it. I learned today that they shut it down back in 2006.

Fast forward to present day where a company called Row 44 has accomplished what Boeing never did…wireless internet on an aircraft.

According to this article Row 44 has installed and is now operating wireless systems on Southwest and Alaska Airlines aircraft flying out of John Wayne Airport.

While the service is currently free during the trial they’ll only be charging around $6 to $9 bucks once the trial is over.

$6 to $9 bucks to get wireless? That’s a bargain, especially considering how much work it will allow you to get done.

Row 44’s service also allows you to use the VOIP feature on your mobile phone to make phone calls or send text messages.

How cool is that?

If you’re flying out of John Wayne on either airline look for Southwest planes #906 and #907 or Alaska Airlines planes #644 and #623.
That’s the plane number, not the flight number.

I am so jazzed about this and can’t wait to see this take-off more (pun intended).

What I can’t wait to do is conduct a live webinar from 33,000 feet above the earth.

To read the entire article click HERE and to check out the company click HERE.


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