The “BarackBerry”

It was well known that President Obama was like many all over the world….addicted to his Blackberry.

There have been a great number of photos showing him either talking on or typing away into his Blackberry.

As he came closer to being sworn in, many wondered if he’d be allowed to keep it. After all you don’t want the President’s communications to be monitored or potentially hacked, no matter how inane the e-mail or phone conversation may be.

Well security officials won’t have to “pry it out of his hands”, instead he’s getting a secure smartphone that’s been approved by the National Security Agency and cost $3,500.00.

Made by General Dynamics, the Sectera Edge is a secure and rugged piece of technology. You can check it out HERE

It’s not the sexiest tech gadget, but I gotta admit it’s going to be really cool to see the President typing away on a smart phone, just like the rest of us regular folk.

You can read more about it here at CNN.


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