Love & Support For Those Fighting, and Affected By The Fires

What started as a beautiful and pristinely clear Saturday morning in the Southern California area turned into a hot, ashy, armageddon like atmosphere.

It all started with the Sylmar fire and then over the course of the morning 2-3 more fires burned through the hills and people’s homes.

I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life and never had to worry about the brush fires that have affected the area for so long…there just wasn’t a lot of brush in the South Bay area.

When the fire jumped to the Brea hills (about 3-4 miles from me), I got a very small taste of what it’s like to have to worry about these fires. Granted there was a lot in between me and the fire (including the Brea mall) but the way the winds were blowing and how the fire was jumping it became a little bit of a concern for me.

Some friends of mine were a lot closer and were for a bit in a voluntary evacuation area. Other friends were in Anaheim Hills and actually evacuated as the police and fire department started closing off streets.

Thanks to the incredible work of all those fighting the fires by land and by air I never had to pack a thing. My friends in Brea who had packed up to go never had to leave, and my friends in Anaheim Hills came back to their home which was all in one piece.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to the police and fire personnel who dealt with this disaster and protected so many of us from the raging fires. My thanks also goes to those agencies that helped take care of those displaced by the fires.

My heart goes out to those who came home to burnt or destroyed homes.

I would like to encourage everyone to donate to charities that either support the brave firefighters
or that support the services that help people out during times like these

These are difficult times but together we can overcome them.


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