History Made &; An Inspirational Speech

No matter who you supported or what your views are, last night was historic.

First you had an incredible turnout of voters. There were lines around the corner in many areas and the young vote which had proven so difficult to get, finally appeared.

Then you had the election of our first African-American President.

A little under 250 years ago Abraham Lincoln, another gentleman from the state of Illinois signed the Emancipation Proclamation which helped start the ball rolling towards the abolishment of slavery. Slavery was officially abolished with the passage of the 13th Amendment – eight months after Lincoln was assassinated.

200 years later the civil rights movement began, seeking to eliminate the discrimination of individuals based on the color of their skin.

Now, a little over 50 years after the civil rights movement began we’ve got our first African-American President.

I have always been proud to be an American. Despite some of the not so great parts, it’s an amazing country.

You can speak your mind freely. You can disagree with others. You can make the most out of yourself. You can strive to, and become the most powerful person in the world regardless of what you look like and what your ancestry is.

I thought Senator McCain’s speech last night was honorable and well done. He helped set the tone for moving forward from here. I congratulate the Senator and Governor Palin on their campaign and I look forward to seeing them work with our new President.

I was inspired and impressed the most with President-Elect Obama’s speech. A speech that sought to bring our nation together. He reminded us of what we face, but that if we face it together that we can do it. He reminded us all of the many accomplishments that our nation has achieved, and that they were done together. Most of all he said what we all need to be saying right now….”YES WE CAN!”.

Right now our country is facing an incredible challenge and it’s up to all of us regardless of religion, race, gender, and political affiliation to come together to face and conquer this challenge.

Our economic woes will end, our position on the world stage will improve, housing and stock prices will go back up, more jobs will be created, our nation will be safer, and Americans will prosper.

If we can make it back from the “Great Depression” we can make it back from this.

We just need to keep saying and believing in what anyone should say/believe in any bad situation “YES WE CAN!”.


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