A Brand New Blog

I know that my site hasn’t been up for very long so some may wonder, why a new blog format?

  1. While I love iWeb for creating web pages I have found the blogging tool to be a bit limited, especially when it comes to updating a page. I’d have to republish the site and then upload it to my FTP server.
  2. I kept running into problems with getting the RSS feed to work in iWeb. I want my blog readers to be able to easily subscribe to my blog.
  3. I was turned on to WordPress for blogging (thanks Dani!) and found it was a great site that was easy to use and offered some great blog page formats that I can change at any time. It’s also got a number of cool web widgets…so hopefully i can do more geeky blog stuff moving forward.
  4. There was a program I had heard about awhile ago called MacJournal made by Mariner Software. I had checked it out and it was pretty cool. A week ago I got an e-mail offering it for 40% off making it a very low $24.95, so I jumped on it. It makes it much easier to do blog posts and instantly post them. I?m hoping it might also help me in my posts to the official C.A.R. blog I write on.

So now here I am in my brand new blog home and I?m quite happy with it. I hope you like it as much as I do. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the new blog.


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