Bringing Tech To Market…The Joy, The Pain, The Feel of Success

As an I.T. Manager I knew the pains of bringing new systems up and getting staff to use them. The endless contract legalize that the vendors love to suffocate you with. The compatibility checks and testing to make sure it would all work. The late nights and weekends working on the servers to install and configure everything. The education of the users, and the subsequent phone calls and e-mails we’d get with questions we had already answered with comprehensive & easy to understand training and manuals.

That was all just warm up for bringing a new tech product to market.

Over the last 4 months I’ve been working on everything from contracts, to acceptance documents to testing software in ways I had never done before. Terms that flew over my head, and ideas that would go beyond anything I understood, changed my whole world. There were times where it didn’t seem like there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and it would never be complete.

And then…everything all came together and there was success.

The development and testing was done and I had a product that was ready to be sold.

Over the next month to month and a half I will do my final piece and push my little baby bird of a web application out of the nest, to soar in the great Internet sky.

I’ve learned new things and now have a totally different perspective on contracts, and negotiations. Most of all I now have the joy of having helped bring something to fruition that will make a profit and even better help our members serve their new and existing clients better.


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