The Seemingly Pervasive Rudeness In Society

Nearly everyday I take the train. I travel from Fullerton to Union Station via Metrolink and then get onto the Metrorail Red Line, exiting at Wilshire and Vermont.

Throughout my journey I seem to run into one or more people who have decided that they are either the only people in the world or just don’t care about anyone but themselves. They push ahead of people to the elevator, they crowd the exit door for the Red Line, the already too small seats on the Metrolink, or run into people or laptops without so much as a sorry. I’ve even prompted then a few times with an “excuse you” which I have as yet to get any response.

Now lets add to this people who talk too loud on cell phones in public, people who concentrate more on their cell phone conversations than driving, people who don’t say thank you when you keep the door open for them, and what I find to be the ABSOLUTE worst in the world –

simon-cowell8.jpgI don’t pay $15 to have my movie interrupted with the bright glare of a cell phone, or someone who decides to discuss the movie with their friend…before the movie is over.

It seems like people just don’t care about people anymore. It’s just all about them making it in this world. What happened to love one another? What happened to the Golden Rule? ?Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?.

I thank God everyday that I was raised like I was by my mother and grandmother, especially my grandmother who taught me how to be respectable, and polite. The lessons I’ve learned are being passed down to my son, any future children, and any grandchildren I may be blessed with.

And perhaps there is still hope in this world…

This morning as I was riding the red line I was fortunate to get this one train operator I hadn’t heard in a long time. This gentleman begins with a incredibly welcoming “Good Morning” and “Today is a great day, I’m so happy to see everyone.” He encourages everyone to say “Good Morning” to their neighbors. At each stop he tells everyone to “have an incredible day and to make today count, because it’s a great day to be alive.”

Here this gentleman puts a little extra effort in his job and gets a smile on people’s faces. I’ve even had a few days that I felt were starting horribly, and the instant I heard him I felt my day turning around.

So one day thanks to people like this gentleman, and the lessons I’ve taught my son, perhaps we’ll have a kinder and more caring society. One that says “Please” and “Thank You”. One that cares about the needs of the many instead of the needs of the few or the one.

I challenge everyone who reads this to be more courteous, to be more polite, and to be more considerate. If you do something wonderful, come back and post it here. If you have an encounter where someone is wonderful to you, comment here. While our efforts to change the tide may not result in any largely significant progress…if anything maybe we can make each other’s day a little brighter.

Quick post note…
As I was publishing this page I watched a gentleman get up from his seat and offer it to a lady who was sitting on the stairs. Now that’s class…I actually feel a little bad I wasn?t the one to do it. There?s always next time.


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