Smart Ass Geek

Today I went to get my lunch and found the following in the fridge here at work.


Now, I totally dig Robert (our Deputy Chief Economist) and he?s the greatest guy in the world…one of the nicest guys I know. However the smart ass in me had to take the following picture…


Of course I e-mailed him the picture using my handy dandy Blackberry with the message-“I touched your root beer…what ya gonna do about it numbers boy”

Robert took it in good stride, shooting back with:”All I can say is, you’ll have to answer to Alma. She put the root beer in the ref for me and added the sign just to scare away scofflaws like
you. I guess she should have put a skull and crossbones on the sign as

You don’t want to mess with her because ‘The Force’ is definitely with
her, so we’ll overlook your transgression….this time. Next time…we
might just have to find a bottle opener and force you to drink some.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great weekend and a very “Happy Father’s Day” to all the fathers out there, especially my Dad, my fiancee?s brother-in-law John, and my future father-in-laws Roy and Earl.

I’ll be spending Father’s Day with my wonderful son Josh watching ?Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull for the 3rd time. I’d actually rather see “The Incredible Hulk” but Josh has been waiting to see Indy and for those of you that have seen it, it’s a father-son flick. The important thing is I’ll be enjoying it with my son. That night Shelley is taking me to Benihana’s….yum..yum! Till Monday!


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