Cloverfield Addicition

So lately I’ve been completely addicted to the movie “Cloverfield”.

Part of it is a result of listening to the instrumental piece that was played at the end credits of the movie, called “Roar!” by the musical genius behind the scores for “The Incredibles”, “LOST”, and the most recent film “Speed Racer” – Michael Giacchino.

Cloverfield is like a Godzilla film for the YouTube generation, and the way that it was shot, edited and overall put together is absolutely brilliant.

Perhaps part of my addiction is still not fully knowing what the monster in the film is or where it came from.

***SPOILER ALERT***(Highlight to read)In the end of the movie there is a part showing the main couple of the movie at Coney Island. As the shot overlooks the ocean on the right hand side you see something fall from the sky and splash into the water.
According to the filmmakers this is the creature. Also according to the filmmakers the monster is a baby and is essentially confused and frightened.

There?s been a great deal of viral marketing for the film which I also can’t seem to get enough of. I actually think the campaign for it is pretty impressive, because there is stuff EVERYWHERE. There’s even a blog called “Cloverfield Clues” which you can find at
They’ve tracked down a lot when it comes to this movie.

If you haven’t seen Cloverfield by all means RENT IT. It’s not academy award winning stuff…but it’s a damn fun movie and my current addiction…until “Dark Knight” comes out.


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