The Most Boring Steve Jobs Keynote Ever…

Normally the Steve Jobs keynotes are interesting and include a number of new product announcements. This time it was long, drawn out, boring with nearly an hour or so dedicated to showing off iPhone applications and/or games.

In the end there was only one significant product announcement…the product the rest of the world already knew about…the new iPhone 3G.


Yes, it’s sleek and it’s sexy and now they’re half the price. But that was it? C’mon Steve say it ain’t so. Please tell me you’ve got another media event up your sleeve in the next month and you’ll announce something else.

I think it’s wonderful they lowered the price of the iPhone to $199 for the 8GB unit…but how about lowering the price of the Nano and iTouch now? How about upping the memory in the iTouch and iPhone…32GB is the max? I can’t even fit all my music into that….I wanna put movies on it too.

Overall a really underwhelming keynote and anti-climatic product announcement. I still love Apple, but right now I’m not inclined to spend my money with them anytime soon. I’ve waited this long for a big capacity iPod touch…I can wait a little longer.


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